Changing Gearbox Oil

Gepubliceerd door David, op 15 mei 2013

Olie verversenEveryone takes care of his or her car. Think of a tune-up or major service during which oil and worn tires are replaced. But, unfortunately, gearbox maintenance is often forgotten or performed too late.

When you bought your car you were probably told that the gearbox was filled with long-life oil. Long-life oil should not be mistaken for oil that lasts forever. Wear materials in bronze bearings affect the molecular structure of oil and modify its properties. This aging process accelerates as the gearbox gets ever more contaminated. This may result in difficulties when switching gears.

Customers often call on us to filter or change gearbox oil after difficulties have already occurred. These complaints show that the oil aging process has reached an advanced stage. Often something more is wrong with the gearbox. In this case, we no longer talk about pre-emptively changing oil. We recommend performing a diagnosis so that we can fix the gearbox focusing on the actual problem and cause.

Changing or filtering oil should be considered pre-emptive maintenance. It is wise to start this maintenance after your car has driven 100.000 kilometers and repeating it after every additional 60.000 kilometers. While servicing your gearbox we filter or change automatic transmission oil and replace gaskets and filters.

By performing timely maintenance you ensure that your gearbox remains in great shape!

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