Open Evening – Overhaul or Repair?

Gepubliceerd door David, op 10 april 2013

Trainings avond bij ATR over automaten VW

Overhaul or repair, what is the actual difference? Last January we started a series of open evenings. We provide an evening program for select groups of guests, giving them insight into our operations. To explain the overhaul process and to show the high requirements we place on our products.

On Thursday, January 17, we organized our first open evening for Van Beynum, an Audi and Volkswagen dealership group. After welcoming the attendees and a cup of coffee we started with a presentation about performing the best possible diagnosis, the advantages of oil changes, and about the DSG automatic transmission. We always customize our presentation to the audience present. Afther the presentation we gave Van Beynum Group a company tour and answered questions from the attendees.

Do you have an interest in an open evening and a look behind the scenes at ATR? Please contact David Oudshoorn through and ask about the possibilities.

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